You are probably going to gather from the name of my blog that gin is one of my all time passions. You should probably know however, there are a few others in my life…

My husband, Wayne, works in Aviation Insurance which has taken us to many places that we may not have otherwise seen (I’ll get on to that bit next), my two kids; Claudia and Will who enrich our lives no end and finally our latest addition to the family; Teddy the mini Dachshund who provides another level of entertainment altogether..! I am a qualified teacher, love sharing knowledge, motivating others and organising events, people and stuff.

We currently reside in the Kingdom of Bahrain and have done so since August 2016. We have also lived in Scarsdale, NY and for short periods of time in Mosman, Sydney and Toronto, ON. Each of these places and the many others we have visited have brought insight of cultural differences; expected and unexpected, people and enhanced our lives more than we could have imagined. The common denominator I have found, however, is drink brings people together.

That leads me nicely back to where you have found me…setting up my blog which will feature many things about my favourite drink (I do have another favourite tipple which I have no doubts you will come to find out in due course!), establishing a Gin Club with fellow, like minded gin lovers and starting work on my very own at-home gin bar.

So this is me, Helen. After much procrastination (and we are talking years…), despite friends and family saying ‘you should write a blog’, doing just that…writing a blog about expatriate life, gins, ways in which to drink them and when 5pm can’t come soon enough…we’ve all been there!

Cheers! xo