This morning I absently mindedly popped three random Nespresso pods in my machine. It is all I have left until my parents arrive tonight with a new stash. Given the rate I frequent my beloved Nespresso machine, I can’t bring myself to keep paying twice as much for pods here when I know my trusty visitors will bring them to my door so inevitably I end up with the odd pods at some point. The result is a slightly strange flavoured coffee which, to be fair, is totally doable versus no coffee at all. 

As I was sat drinking my confused coffee it occurred to me with some element of horror (and I suspect avid coffee drinkers and connoisseurs will have already balked at my words), I would never do this with gin! Can you imagine…? Let’s say you only have a drop of Bombay left and not quite enough Hendricks for a decent measure so you mix the two together…agh. This is followed by the subsequent confusion over whether to finish with lime or cucumber…I guess you would have to do both but how wrong would that be! Not only would it look confusing, I have no doubts it would taste just the same. 

While I might succumb to the odd random coffee, needs must and all that…it’s fair to say that I won’t be doing that with my G&T anytime soon. If on the other hand you are brave (or desperate!) enough to try it, do leave me a comment and let me know! 

Cheers! xo


Enough with the procrastination…

For those of you that have ever put anything off (and I’m guessing that’s a few of you), you will remember the all-time, best distraction event in your life…the revision plan! Oh yes, I hear ya! Remember that beauty…all colour co-ordinated in a neat, meticulously drawn chart that told you what to revise and when so that you could just get up and crack on with it? It was a vision and filled many hours so that you didn’t have to get down to the dull, boring and monotonous job of actually revising but could feel totally good about yourself because it was all part of the process. 

Seems life hasn’t changed that much. Having decided to finally start writing a blog, I have spent many hours creating a thing of beauty (in my humble opinion) without actually challenging myself to write a blog which will go consequently go out there for scrutiny and judgement by the masses. Enough however. As my dear friend would say and I believe already has…crack on Bridge (a throw back from Bridget Jones’s Diary and the inability to leave the house when I say I will for fear that if I don’t do the 7 million jobs as I head to the front door, they will never happen). 

So here it is…the first of what I hope will be many and it seems fitting that this blog should include what I have to say is probably my all time favourite gin-based cocktail…Sweet Little Lies. I discovered this taste sensation in the Blue Moon Lounge, located at the top of the Four Seasons in Bahrain Bay. I was sat with my husband contemplating our impending move to Bahrain and the next chapter in our lives. 

IMG_5465It looks stunning and the taste or array of tastes is something quite extraordinary. Gin (obviously!), lime, sweet basil and chilli. You taste each flavour one at a time and it is like no other cocktail I have ever had. I am no food critique or wine guru so can’t explain it in technical terms…it’s just very clever, to me anyway. 

I love it so much that I tell everyone about it and have gone as far as taking visiting girlfriends and making them try it (clearly that didn’t much persuasion…they are my friends for more than one reason) to see if they got it like I did. Thankfully they did and I wasn’t the only one to get the chilli hit at the end. 

I do wonder, however, whether I love this drink so much because it symbolises the end of a long period of uncertainty and living ‘in limbo’ and the beginning of a plan and new direction. Either way it’s delicious and if you are in the Bay, you should definitely go try one for yourself.

Cheers! xo